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Beaut® solar panels are made of monocrystalline solar cells with a high sensitivity to light, making them particularly effective for use in the UK. The high-quality solar cells are installed beneath special solar glass. This high-transparency tempered glass has a low iron-content and offers a high impact resistance. This glass has an EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) resin, anti-aging film coating, designed to prevent aging of the solar cells.

The rear panel is made from Tedlar (TPT), a polyvinyl fluoride and polyester composite. The solar cells are welded on using advanced methods and are then laminated by means of high vacuum heating. This produces a fully waterproof laminate, which is then encased in a frame of anodised aluminium. The end result is an extremely reliable, high-efficiency panel that can be used under any conditions and in any application (including industrial applications).

Beaut® solar panels are manufactured in accordance with the IEC 61215, CE and ISO 9001 standards. They are subject to durability and structure testing and are resistant to ultraviolet sunlight and wind loads of up to 2400 MPa. The Beaut® solar panel range comprises no less than eight different models.


Overview Beaut® Solar Panels:


Solar Panels


Beaut® Solar 5

£ 10.95

5 watt
266x276x28 mm

Beaut® Solar 25

£ 54,75

25 watt
592x346x28 mm

Beaut® Solar 65

£ 142,50

65 watt
880x510x35 mm

Beaut® Solar 75

£ 164,50

75 watt
816x670x35 mm

Beaut® Solar 100

£ 208,50

100 watt
1196x546x35 mm

Beaut® Solar 130

£ 284,50

130 watt
1250x670x35 mm

Beaut® Solar 155

£ 328,50

155 watt
1476x670x35 mm

Beaut® Solar 60 back-contact

£ 197.50

60 watt
734x535x35mm mm

Beaut® Solar 115 back-contact

£ 362.50

115 watt
1345x535x35mm mm

How does ik work? (video)

How does it work? (video)